Please Note: UPDATE 12/29/2017

For 2018 Tournament Season it is MANDATORY that you join the WVAA/NFAA online through the new automated Sport 80 System available through the NFAA Website, You will be able to obtain a Membership card or download your card to your mobile device.



​​​West Virginia Archery Association

WVAA Clubs:

Mid-State Archers Club

Contact: Ron Burroughs Airport Road, Route 15 Sutton, WV 26601 304-542-4353 or 304-765-2429

The BowShop

151 Turnpike Drive Clarksburg WV 26301
Contact: HaroldCogar 304-622-8440

Lumberport Archery Club

2nd Street Lumberport WV 26386 Contact: Harold Cogar 304-622-8440

Hundred Sportsmen and Farmers Conservation PO BOX 67

Mountain State Sportsmen's Association

Contact: Steve Cox (304) 464-5646 Hoagland Run Road Parkersburg, WV 26104 Schedule on Web Site:

Potomac Valley Archery Association

Contact: Email = Jared Funk Mail = Estil Sites (304) 257-1721 28 N. Grove Street Petersburg, WV 26847

Wyandot Bowmen

Contact: Steve Gorby (304) 387-2237 PO Box 303 New Manchester, WV 26056

High Feather Archery

Contact: Rick Coffman

New Milton WV


North Putnam Archery

Coach: Eric Shock

Big Reds Archery

Coach: Jim Parsons

Harrison County Archery

Coaches: Jim and April McCullough

Morgantown Archery

Coach: Benji May

​​2018 WVAA Schedule

 January 21st , 2018 -- WVAA State Championship Vegas 660 Round Hosted by The Bow Shop 151 Turnpike Blvd Clarksburg, WV 26301 Shoot Times are 9am, Noon, 3pm

Mar 2nd, 3rd, 4th , 2018-- Mid Atlantic Indoor

The Bow Shop Clarksburg WV

Contact Harold Cogar for more info @ 304-622-8440

March 9th - 11th, 2018- NFAA National Indoor, Cincinnati OH

March 24th -25th, 2018--WVAA State Indoor Championships 300 Round and  WV S3DA State Indoor Champioships  hosted The Bow Shop Clarksburg WV .

Shoot Times:

Saturday March 24th:

9 AM  WVAA Members/ Guest Only

1230 PM S3DA Members Only

430 PM S3DA Members Only

Sunday March 25th

9 AM WVAA Members / Guest

1230 Pm WVAA Members / Guest

430 PM WVAA Members/ Guest

S3DA Shooters will need to be Pre-Registered by Saturday March 17th

Your Team Coach will have the Forms/Details.

If a S3DA Member has a WVAA/NFAA membership their rounds is concurrent and will count for both Championships.

Questions about S3DA can be directed to Eric Shock

by Email :

April 8th 2018 -- WVAA 600 Indoor Open Classic  Hosted by The Bow Shop
Shoot Times 10am and 2pm
Adults 50 yards, 40 yards, 30 yards
Young Adults (15-17) 50-40-30
Youth (12-14) 40-30-20
Cubs (under 12) 30-20-10

TBD- WVAA Spring 3-D  hosted by Lumberport Archers Lumberport WV (3-D SHOOT) registration 9am thru 1pm.

 May 12th 2018- WVAA State Open - Mountain State Sportsmen Parkersburg  WV 9:00 AM (Map) 14 field targets . . . . 14 hunter targets 20 ft to 80 yds, (and everything in between) (Officers and club representatives must have new agenda items submitted by this date)

June 2nd 2018  -- WVAA 810 American Round -Mountain State Sportsmen Parkersburg  WV 10:00 AM 60, 50 and 40 yd at Olympic Targets, (4 ft dia. with 6" bullseye)

June 23rd -24th, 2018-  MidAtlantic Outdoors

July 7th 2018 - 900 Target Championship and WV S3DA Target Championship

Mountain State Sportsmen Parkersburg WV - 10:00AM   WVAA/NFAA format

Approx 2 pm S3DA format

S3DA shooters pre reg through your coach to Eric Shock by July 1st

July 25-29, 2018 -- NFAA Outdoor Field Championship

August 18th 2018 - West Virginia State Outdoor Closed Field Championships -- Mountain State Sportsmen Parkersburg WV- 9:00 AM 14 field targets and 14 hunter targets (20 ft. to 80 yd. and everything in between) (WVAA Annual meeting - officers and club representatives)

September 8th 2018- Hillbilly 3-D State Championship  and WV S3DA 3-D Championships- Lumberport Archers Clarksburg WV

2019 WVAA Shoot Locations  Dates TBD

State Vegas Round - The Bow Shop - Clarksburg

State Indoor Round - The Bow Shop - Clarksburg

600 Open Classic -- The Bow Shop - Clarksburg

State Spring 3-D -- Mid State Archers - Flatwoods

State Open Field -- Mid State Archers - Flatwoods

State American Rd. - Mid State Archers - Flatwoods

State 900 Round -  Mid State Archers - Flatwoods

State Closed Field -- Mid State Archers - Flatwoods

State 3-D - Lumberport Archers - Lumberport